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TESCO - Teen Screen & Window

In 1970, two ambitious teenagers, with the help of their father, managed a local window company and started manufacturing and installing window screens. Thus, Teen Screen & Window was born. Within a couple of years, we were making screens at the wholesale level for local window manufacturers. Soon after that, we moved from our basement at home to a commercial building (located in 170th & Highway 99 in Seattle).

In 1975, with further growth, we became TESCO corporation. In 1980, we built a new 5500 sq. ft. office and manufacturing warehouse in Mukilteo, WA. and are still in that same location today. We have always been family owned and operated and supply screens for commercial and residential applications.

We also sell direct to window manufacturers, lumberyards and glass shops from Bellingham to Olympia, including the peninsula area. Over the years we have diversified and offer many other products and services in the glass industry. We maintain a good standing as a member of the Better Business Bureau.

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